BMB CSS 1000 Series 400 Watts RMS 12" 2-Way 2 Professional Karaoke Speaker (Pair)



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Entry level PA type speakers for match various scenes.

  • It adapts "CELESTION" compression driver. We produce BMB sound quality suitable for CLUB and KARAOKE room.
  • Equipped with rubber foot, it can be installed not only hanging the speaker but also stationery installation.

Selling point

Entry level PA type speaker

It can be used from KTV room to the hall with reliable sound quality.

The Tweeter
High performance, reliable compression driver with ferrite magnet.

The Tweeter
CELESTION has a history of over 100 years in speaker unit design. Natural, Clear high-frequency reproduction, A mini size compression driver.

The Woofer
Strong bass sound with a tough aluminum frame.

Rubber foot.
various installation methods are possible, Ceiling mount, stand, stationery installation.

Rear bass reflex speaker