HARPMAN Single Channel Wireless Microphone System c/w 1x Tie Clip Microphone & Rechargeable Lithium Battery



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The wireless system adopts advanced intelligent digital technology and high integrated circuit design, which has the advantages of strong stability, intelligence and high efficiency. Lightweight and easy to operate, it is suitable for homes, schools, training rooms and outdoor performances.


  • UHF Frequency Band is Adopted, Built-In ID Code Technology, Stable Transmission Distance and Strong Anti-Interference Ability
  • The Transmitter has a Frequency Modulation Function to meet the Simultaneous Use of Multiple Frequencies
  • The Receiver Adopts Automatic Frequency Lock Design, Which Makes Operation Simpler and Smarter
  • Mini Receiver Design with 6.35mm Standard Audio Plug, Plug and Play
  • The Receiver has a Charging Functions, Built-In Circuit Protection Technology, Equipped with a Detachable Large-Capacity Lithium Battery, and an External Charging Treasure to meet Long-Term Connection or Offline Use
  • The Operation is Simple, Easy to Use, and has a Good Sense of Experience

Frequency Range 600MHz -- 700MHz
Modulation Method Digital Frequency Modulation
Frequency Response 50Hz -- 18KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio >90dB
Distortion ≤0.5% @ 1KHz
Output Level 200mV ± 5mV
Pickup Method Moving Coil/Capacitive
Receiver Power Supply 3.7V/18650 Lithium Battery