BMB CSJ Series 80 Watts RMS 6" 2-Way 2 Wall Mountable Karaoke Speaker (Pair)



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Compact Karaoke speakers with the title "J" for Japanese sound

Compact speakers are ideal not only for small rooms but also for back/center speakers.

High quality punched-in net speaker panels are designed with a deeply curved form.
   "Tweeter SPL* switch is used to prevent howling.
   *SPL- Sound Pressure Level"

Woofer use highly reliable paper cones made in Japan to achieve high quality sound.

Multiple Installation Choice

  • Support vertical and horizontal orientation, ceiling mounting, stand mounting and rotatable BMB logo
  • Can adapt to both stereo and multi-channel setups with versatile installation options
  • Uses a common "easy-to-sing" sound to all applications

Soud Speads equally in four directions

  • CSJ Series uses 4-directional New Tweeter Horn.
  • Spread out Twitter sound more wide range. It can be used as a center speaker without distinguishing between left and right channels.

Paper Cone Made in Japan

  • By using a woofer cone paper made in Japan.
  • Improves the low-frequency range from convential karaoke speaker.
  • Acheving a "enveloping sound" can sing comfortably.