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AM6000 Serise

Manufactured in high quality shielded zamac casing, with latest generation transistors and
with the most strict quality controls, Engel incorporates intelligent features to this new design
in order to supply as many advantages as possible to the user:
High gain (55dB) with a maximum regulation (30dB) and fl atness, in order to be suitable
for all types of antenna signals, analogues as well as digitals.
6 cavities ultra-selective to obtain an excellent fi ltering of adjacent channels without
affecting the signal quality.
High output level so it can be used in medium and large community installations.
Fulfi lling all requirements from the ICT norm.
Compatibility (mechanical and electrical) with most of the existing amplifi er brands in the
market, so they can be used for upgrading existing installations.
Exclusive system “EASY SETTING” for a simple and quick switch on of the different
amplifi ers present in the Head-End.
Intelligent system “TEST LINK” which informs about the signal levels present in the most
restrictive outlets for an easy adjustment and equalization of the amplifi ers, without
requiring any test equipment. System patented by ENGEL.
AM1100 Unique accessory for re-amplifi cation of 4 x 122dB������V outputs. Very useful for old
installations as well as large buildings like hotels, hospitals, ...
AM8000, antenna pre-amplifi er for areas of low signal reception. Offering high output
level, and extremely low noise fi gure.