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Integrated Rostrum with Tuner / CD Player / Cassette**

RQ-K2006 & RQ-K2008


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Introducing the awesome new Emix Rostrum. The intergrated Rostrum is the most innovative, unique, functional and beautiful Rostrum in the market today. Crafted from the finest wood and laminated with PVC material. This awesome integrated Rostrum come with a standard powerful sound system that will deliver your message with unparalleld clarity, and a rich elegant presentation.

The Rostrum penter polyster fabric with poly vingl chloride (PVC) coating and it is 0.6mm thick. It will help to protect your rostrum from scratches as well as resist against liquip spills.


  • Built-in 60watts amplifier come with 2 way system (10" speakers & 2" twetter)
  • Tape or CD record output jack provided
  • Independent phantom power for condenser microphone
  • Wide frequency response with wide dispersion
  • Recessed brass reading lamp with on/off switch
  • External booster amplifier can be used